How a Remote Workforce Can Transform the IT Services Landscape

How a Remote Workforce Can Transform the IT Services Landscape

IT service providers and their business clients aren’t immune to the widespread changes taking place around the world due to current tragic events. That said, there is a silver lining of sorts when it comes to remaining productive and efficient: remote commuting. This used to be a point of contention for many companies but nowadays, thanks to intuitive and powerful digital alternatives, it’s easier than ever to implement a work-from-home solution for your team.

This is especially true if you work with an experienced IT services provider. Many don’t realize it, but such assistance is critical in maintaining secure, tamper-free and effective operations no matter where your employees are. 

Today, let’s take a look at how a remote workforce can transform the IT services landscape. 

Cloud Migrations are a Must for Many Businesses

If you have sensitive, critical data that must be accessible by certain employees at all times, backing it up to a secure enclave in the cloud is important. You can’t take the risk of sending employees all over the place with these files on physical media – if something gets lost or damaged, you’ll either waste time and resources to replace it or have your data security compromised. Maybe even both! 

Cloud migrations have other benefits, too. They’re particularly useful for hassle-free file sharing with customizable permissions management – the term “for your eyes only” has never been more appropriate. In addition, communications are streamlined and your workers will enjoy a collaboration-friendly digital environment, making it easier to get large projects done together no matter where you are. All in all, as more companies shift towards remote deployments, IT service providers can expect to see an increase in cloud migration requests, particularly with private networks. 

24/7 Support Access Will Become the New Standard

When we think of IT services, we think of support. Proper support in the case of remote employment includes cloud service patches and bugfixes, intranet security updates, and more. However, what’s going to change the most is when such assistance will be needed. Since working from home often incorporates more flexibility with hours of availability – such as to accommodate for an appointment or operating in a different time zone from the employer – support availability must be just as adaptable. It’s already becoming the new standard that customers expect, even before many of us around the world suddenly switched to working from home, and it shows no signs of reverting to the way things were.

Remote Adaptations of Existing Services

Today’s IT infrastructures already utilize many digital elements in order to reduce service costs and maintain optimal performance, all while reducing the need for onsite visits to deliver faster fixes. As more customers switch to cloud-based solutions, the need for physical hardware such as onsite servers and the like will fade into history. This represents a much greater dependence on software, management tools, data analysis, email, and other digital solutions. IT service providers need to stay on their toes and move with the times, following the customer into this brave new world by adapting their much-loved services to suit remote and fully onsite operations. For instance, SECaaS and managed services can utilize digital system check tools to analyze performance, scan for vulnerabilities, and administer updates to keep a client’s cloud-based filesharing network running smoothly. As for training employees, planning IT infrastructure tweaks and other forms of collaboration, there are many secure digital outlets that can be used. Videoconferencing and email have long been the norm in a number of applications, so utilizing them won’t be a difficult experience for most IT service providers or their clients. 

Now is a time of change and, sometimes, change can be good! The more we embrace the modern operational standard – including remote employment – the less we need to fear it. This translates to smarter refinements, smarter IT services, and smarter strategies.

Sep 24, 2020

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