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Here at Bulletproof Infotech, we offer several cloud computing solutions for our customers in Calgary. Outsourcing to a cloud services provider is efficient, effective, and worthwhile when done by our expert IT team. We offer secure, reliable infrastructure to provide you with the tools your business needs to succeed.
cloud services provider in Calgary

Calgary Cloud Services

Secure, reliable infrastructure to provide you with the tools your business needs to succeed.
cloud services provider in Calgary


For those businesses in Calgary that require an increased level of security, we offer private cloud solutions. This is a data center where everything is protected behind a firewall. In short, companies with pre-existing data centers can use their current infrastructure, making the transition to cloud incredibly smooth. This system is entirely dependent on itself, sharing little to no resources with other organizations.
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Public Cloud

Another option for businesses is to use a public cloud, like Microsoft Azure, for their data. Instead of information being stored within the company’s server, it is stored in the provider’s data center. Meanwhile, this leaves the management and maintenance to the cloud provider and not the company itself. Public clouds can be deployed quickly and accessible anywhere. As a result, this system is commonplace for smaller businesses in Calgary.
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What Will Your Calgary Cloud Services Provider Do? 

Cloud Storage and Backup

With cloud computing solutions, gone are the days of lost data. Cloud storage and backup ensure that your business’s information is always accessible for your team. As the future of technology in business is growing in Calgary, it is important to keep up. In addition, this network will allow remote users to connect to your centralized data. Which, as a result, allows your business to expand beyond its walls.
Cloud computing infrastructure.
Secured file-sharing.
Cloud computing backup.

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