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Hyperconvergence infrastructure is used across many industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and education. The one vendor that is the most sought after HCI provider for these applications is Scale Computing. For example, here are just a few reasons that business owners and us, the experts at Bulletproof IT, choose to work alongside Scale Computing for all our hyperconvergence needs:

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hyperconvergence scale computing in Alberta

Solutions with Simplicity in Mind

Traditional IT infrastructure creates unnecessary costs and complexity. On the contrary, Scale Computing has successfully reinvented infrastructure for the sole purpose of eliminating these unwanted by-products and streamlining the IT experience. In fact, HC3 was designed to address the needs of data centers managed by as few as one administrator. These specific applications were built for easy deployment, therefore, allowing main offices, remote offices, and DR sites to all enjoy the same excellence of quality, performance, and scalability.

Specially Tailored for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

Many IT vendors are focused entirely on large scale businesses. As a result, they attempt to strip down their products for small to medium-sized businesses. However, smaller businesses have very different needs than enterprise ones. For this reason, they deserve to be more than just an IT afterthought. Scale Computing creates an HCI environment custom-fit for small to mid-sized businesses.
Managed services for small businesses

Moving Your Business Forward
With Hyperconvergence

There are several factors that can slow down the natural progression of any business. One of these is an IT system failure.

Businesses with a traditional IT infrastructure generally source their security and recovery systems from a different vendor than the other IT components. 

Consequently, this means failures eat up precious time. Scale Computing’s HC3 system consolidates redundancy and security in order to keep workloads online even when individual components fail.

Furthermore, hyperconvergence by Scale Computing keeps your company moving forward by offering near-limitless scalability. Adding resources is as simple as plugging in new nodes.

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