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Bulletproof ONE allows you to enjoy the newest collaboration technology with ease! 

All for ONE monthly price!

Office 365

ONE solution for all your collaboration needs

Leveraging Microsoft 365, MS Business Voice your business gains access to tools that assist your productivity, collaboration ability, phone and much more. Additionally, all these products are included in one package by Bulletproof, including all the support you need so you can utilize the same tools you know and use!
IT Service Provider

All The Support. All The Technology. One Monthly Payment

Call 1.800.842.9452 and learn more about Bulletproof ONE.
No more on-site File servers
No more on site phone system
No more vpn / complicated access to files when you are out of the office
No more local backups to worry about
No more lost data
No more emailing files to share with your team!
No more support bills. It's all ONE price!

Microsoft Business Voice

Why stop at your software? Enjoy a quality phone system!


Enjoy the reliable calling service offered by Microsoft and their well-supported cloud.


Whether you get new numbers or need to migrate your existing ones, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, you can make and receive voice calls to any number.


Getting a dial-in number adds a level of flexibility to your meetings and can be integrated in all of your online meetings.

Microsoft 365

Enjoy Your Favorite Apps and Support On A Single Platform
Bulletproof in Office 365

Enjoy Classic Office Apps

Have access to full arsenal of your favorite apps like Word, Outlook, Powerpoint (Windows and Mac) all up-to-date and installed!

Email and Calendar Options

Enjoy secure, enterprise-grade all through Outlook. 50 GB mailbox with 150 MB cap for your attachments are included.

Instant collaboration with virtual meetings a messaging services

Microsoft Teams allows a multitude of communication options like group chats, web conferences, virtual meetings and calls!

Increase protection against advanced cyberthreats

Keeps your equipment safe against malware, viruses, dangerous links, phishing scams, and many other threats! 

IT Service Provider

Bulletproof ONE aims to keep your technology simple.

Enjoy seamless integration with all the apps you’re already familiar with like – Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint, and now Microsoft Teams with Business Voice as your phone system. Expect all of the same quality features you normally have including what’s offered in Microsoft 365. You cannot get much better when it comes to collaboration software between simultaneous collaboration between users, easy to use multi person editing of documents, and various tools that make checking your documents a breeze.

The best part is all these advanced features are all available for one price including all the support you need from Bulletproof IT!

IT Technical Support

 Collaboration: Internal and External

With Bulletproof ONE, there’s no more searching for the most updated version of your files and documents. Even with multiple people on your team working on a file at the same, you’ll all share the same version for flawless collaboration all protected behind a secure password-protected portal. Internal and external communication can also be handled directly for meetings, file sharing, or invites to review your projects.
IT Service in Calgary

Bulletproof ONE Maximizes Security but Keeps accessibility

Bulletproof ONE, utilizes Microsoft 365 systems that are used by enterprises across the planet! That means you’ll have increased security on your emails, documents/internal files, and your network! You’ll have a regular 24/7 scanning on your records for spam and preventing malware.

Simple. Powerful. Reliable.

Customers choose us because they get the peace of mind that their e-commerce website is protected from evil things like hardware failure, cyber threats, and performance bottlenecks.

24x7 Online

100% Guarantee

Low Latency

Root Access

Powerfull Infrastructure

Feature-rich control panel


UNLIMITED SERVICE! What does that mean? Call or email our team, anytime 24/7, and reach our helpdesk. It's completely included in your monthly fee, NO additional charges.


24/7 monitoring for issues in key network elements (server, workstations, and firewall) before they become critical.


Save time by opening a service request right at your fingertips from your desktop. In other words, there's no phone call required!

Bulletproof ONE

Bulletproof ONE allows you to enjoy the newest collaboration technology with without having to get your bachelors to operate it.Through Microsoft 365, your business gains access to tools that assist your productivity, collaboration ability, phone systems and much more. Additionally, all of these products are included in one package by Microsoft so you can utilize the same tools you know and use!

99.999% uptime

Our reliability claims are backed up by strong SLAs

Free, painless migrations managed completely by us

Unlimited access to Level 3 support - 24x7x365

Use the latest web platforms that your customers need

Liberate yourself with time-saving managed services

Eliminate downtime with top-shelf enterprise hardware

A refreshingly cost-effective alternative to DIY hosting

Keep full control over your hosting with root access

Free scale-assist for when you need more resources

Get an expert's take during onboarding

All this support for all your technology—
ONE monthly payment

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Since launching in April of 2004, EuroVPS now manages the hosting of +2,000 clients in +100 countries. We'd love for you to join!

All Your Communication Needs In One App

If you’re interested in simplified communication, Bulletproof ONE is where to look. Through Microsoft Teams we offer a unified calling experience that also encompasses chats and your meetings. All of your contacts and calendar are connected to allow easy access to Teams and Outlook as well. You can even use Word, Excel, or even PowerPoint while you’re taking part in a call or meeting.
We also know how important a secure and consistent phone system is for small businesses, and Microsoft’s cloud provides just that. It’s an enterprise-grade phone system that provides secure communication and has a 99.9% uptime guarantee. You’ll also get a functioning AI powered by the cloud that can transcribe voicemails, chat translation, and even live captioning for your meetings!
With Bulletproof ONE, you’re not just saving capex, you’re saving time as you’ll just have a single provider for all your communication and technology needs. You can enjoy all the benefits of an on-site phone system, minus the normal capital costs and annoyance of set up, move, adds and changes.
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