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Bulletproof IT Alberta 

Managed IT Services and Support For
a Unique Oil & Gas Industry


stable, reliable and secure

Companies in this sector require stable, reliable, and secure network environments; BulletproofIT provides just that. In an industry that is not predictable, your company needs to have some predictability within your IT services and support

budget your IT support

Through Bulletproof IT’s fixed-fee managed services, you can properly budget your IT support. Within our netSHIELD program, you have a worry-free, hassle-free, fully managed, results-based, alternative to hourly network support.

Proactive Support

We said it before – Oil & Gas is unpredictable. As such, you should have the proper IT support ready for those unpredictable times. With our Industry IT Services, we are here for you. No matter when you need us, we're ready to get you back on track in a safe and secure manner.

Flat Fee Service Plan

No two companies are the same. With Bulletproof IT, you receive a customized service plan that fits into your company. Based in Alberta, BulletproofIT knows how to make your network work for you and your needs.
Industry IT Services

True-Line Contracting

True-Line Contracting
Ready, Aim, Fire…I can think of no better metaphor to describe the approach taken by Bulletproof Infotech. Their approach is methodical, their support is targeted and their service is unparalleled.

Improved Efficiency

Companies that are effectively streamlined are the ones who will rise to the top. BulletproofIT will take care of streamlining your IT needs, allowing you to focus on your internal processes and procedures. Let’s take your business to the next level!
Industry IT Services

Is Your IT and Network Support Providing the
Predictability You Need?

Bulletproof IT
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