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Drop your IT security costs – and the need for dedicated hardware – with our hassle-free, subscription-based digital solutions. Bulletproof your data, the Bulletproof IT way.
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Modern businesses demand modern security solutions in order to stay ahead of the cyber threat game. It’s an ever-changing landscape where new risks can present themselves at any moment.
Seize the moment to protect critical data, connected users and the customers you serve with the help of Bulletproof IT. Our Security as a Service, otherwise known as SECaaS, is designed to deliver true peace of mind via true innovation, available in several cost-effective subscription variants. Best of all, there’s no need to worry about proprietary security hardware for us to get to work, so you’ll benefit from even further savings in the long run.

We are Security as a Service Experts

We offer flexible, subscription-based packages for small to mid-sized businesses. Explore our triple-pronged approach to security.

The Security You Need Before You Need it

Every company faces new cybersecurity threats on a daily basis. Whether this is in the form of viruses or compromised information, it’s important to act fast and effectively to mitigate them. Even technology professionals are fending off attacks from all directions – there’s just no escaping the risk! That’s where your experts at Bulletproof IT come in. With over 30 years of experience, we face cyber threats head-on with a stronger defense, all without physical hardware that otherwise takes up your precious space or drives up our service costs.
Security as a Service in Alberta

The Performance and Proactivity You Need

Need to find a solution that is scalable without sacrificing operational performance? Our team has you covered. Our various subscription models for SECaaS are completely non-intrusive and designed for hassle-free use. From permissions management to analyzing and training users, password and file management to even dark web ID tracking, we’re here to help. Not only can our services help you operate more securely, but your team will benefit from peace of mind in knowing that they have adequate protection measures in place.

The Professional IT Expertise You Deserve

Bulletproof IT has been in business for over 30 years, and that means a powerful lot when it comes to ensuring your security is up to snuff. We have a deep understanding of how threats have evolved over the years, what the most common forms of attack are nowadays, and whether your existing security framework is capable of fending off today’s hackers and invasive code. Our team also remains on top of the latest, proven innovations in the form of software and firewall-strengthening tweaks, so your data and digital operations are always in the best of care when you turn to us for SECaaS.
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Our Managed Security Features and Subscription Models

Reliable, affordable security solutions optimized for your operations.

Bulletproof Managed Detection & Response

Bulletproof Managed Detection and Response
Discover and prevent malicious footholds inside server and desktop Operating Systems
Prioritized remediation recommendations to allow for quick response
Protect against malicious emails, website content, unpatched operating systems, and tainted USB drives
Quickly identify threats that bypass other security controls before they escalate

Bulletproof Awareness

Bulletproof Security Awareness Training and Testing
Baseline testing, train users, test their knowledge, view results
Test and train your users on the fly
Managed phishing campaigns and ongoing maintenance

Bulletproof Dark
web mOnItor

Bulletproof Dark Web ID Tracking
Sophisticated Dark Web intelligence to identify, analyze, and proactively monitor for an organization's compromised or stolen employee data
Automated reporting available so you can receive updated "hits" on where your credential info is located
Optional BullPhish ID employee training campaigns and simulated phishing tests to educate your staff members and raise security awareness

Bulletproof Folio

Bulletproof Password and Documentation Management
Manage your own passwords on your computer and on the go
Work with your IT provider to protect commonly exploited team-based passwords
Secure documentation storage, SOPs, and check lists
Access from mobile device, and from web using Chrome extension
Security as a Service in Calgary

What Is SECaaS?

In-house security, as traditionally used by small businesses, is no longer equipped to deal with the dangers of a cloud-based, tech-forward working environment. This is why SECaaS is becoming a more widely adopted solution. In short, it’s a resource in which we integrate our security-specific services into your existing IT infrastructure. It’s a more proactive solution as we constantly evolve and update our security services to address the latest threats.

How Can SECaaS Help My Business?

New access points created by cloud computing leave users more vulnerable to attacks. SECaaS will integrate security into your existing framework, effectively plugging up the new “holes” that have been created. It’s how we help you achieve lower operating costs since your security is made preventative rather than corrective. Plus, instead of your security being in the hands of each employee, everything is now maintained by our dedicated professionals. Thanks to our active monitoring, fixes happen more quickly and effectively than ever before.
Security as a Service in Alberta

Is SECaaS right for you?

Don’t wait until your system is compromised before you consider implementing the proper security measures. Save costs and protect valuable information by enlisting the experts. Learn more about SECaaS details from our team today. We’re happy to help!

Disaster recovery

Continuous monitoring

Data loss prevention


Intrusion management

Network security

Security assessment

Email protection

Vulnerability scanning

We offer flexible, subscription-based packages for small to mid-sized businesses in need of extra protection. Call us today at 1-800-842-9452 or fill out the form below to get started.

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