How to Use Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub Like a Pro

Woman in a suit sling while on her laptop learning how to use lenovo ThinkSmart hub.
How to Use Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub Like a Pro by Bulletproof IT

In our world of modern tech, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all the devices we use every single day. From smartphones to smart televisions, BlueTooth to biometrics, it can be a lot to learn! That’s why we believe that your technology should work with you and be relatively easy to figure out. When learning how to use the Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub you'll realize just how intuitive it is to use. However, there’s always something to learn when it comes to new tech. Here are some tips and tricks for working with the Hub to make everyone in your office think you have a background in IT.

Know Your Colours

We aren’t talking about your local football team, we are referring to the LED ring at the base of the meeting console. Gone are the days where meeting members would bump the buttons and no one realized you were on mute for thirty minutes. That LED ring is a great visual indicator of what’s going on as long as you know what those colours mean.

  • White: Console is turned on or in idle mode.
  • Green: Your meeting is in progress.
  • Red: Your microphone is muted.

Lock it Down

For many small to mid-sized businesses, their operations see a lot of people coming through the building. In these cases, it’s important to secure your Hub to a desk, table, or other fixture. Simply use a Kensington-style cable lock that can be opened using a key or combination. The vast majority of the time, you won’t need to be moving the device anyways. A simple lock can eliminate the risk of Dave from Accounting “borrowing” the console for a few weeks.

Split Your Focus or Consolidate

Bearded men on video call on their laptop in a coffee shop. Managing IT clients from laptop in Alberta.
Split Your Focus or Consolidate by Bulletproof IT

Are some of your meeting members spread around the city or even the country? Or is everyone based out of your home office? Either way, the Hub will allow you to adapt your meeting to your needs. What you may not already know is that the console has two HDMI ports that can drive two external displays. These can show videos and content from your remote participants. Show off your skills by using one exclusively for video and the other for content.

Learning how to use Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub provides you a great tool to help your meetings flow more efficiently. Use these tips to help you use this device to its fullest potential. As always, if you have any questions about your Hub, contact your managed IT professionals at Bulletproof IT today!

Mar 01, 2019

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