Choosing the Right IT Support Provider in Alberta: Key Factors to Consider

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If you operate a company in 2023, having reliable technology assistance isn't just an option anymore: it's a necessity, no matter the size of your company. 

Syncing money into technology is a must if your company wants to maintain an edge in the face of constant innovation. Yet, as we've seen in our current Generative AI boom, sometimes, in haste to leverage the latest trends, businesses end up making massive mistakes.

What’s more, with insufficient tech knowledge, leaders may break their organizations irreparably If they don't have robust data security strategies. Research has shown that recent data breaches cost organizations $4 million on average, so investing in IT is crucial for keeping your vital resources safe. 

Hiring the right tech support team can provide stability in the chaos. In this article, you'll learn how to choose the most suitable IT support provider for your specific needs and key factors to ponder when making your choice. Continue reading to discover the great benefits your firm can experience with adequate tech guidance.

The critical role of IT support in business operations

In recent years, we've increasingly relied on technology to uphold our operations, from customer service and marketing to employee collaboration and data management. In response, we need to keep our digital infrastructure running smoothly.

Here are some of the critical roles that tech support plays within a business's operational ecosystem:

  • Troubleshooting and resolving problems to ensure that all devices function optimally and securely daily.
  • Maintaining and overseeing all components of the organization's IT infrastructure and performing regular updates so the system remains reliable.
  • Conducting regular system audits to patch any vulnerabilities to cyber threats.
  • Identifying and implementing new technologies to streamline and automate processes.
  • Advising corporate leaders on long-term technology decisions.
  • Training and supporting employees to leverage the organization's technology effectively.
  • Engaging in disaster recovery planning to proactively prepare for any incidents.
  • Ensuring a company maintains compliance and meets industry standards and regulations around using technology.

What is an IT support provider?

An IT support firm is a third-party enterprise that offers clients various technical support services to address their IT needs. Your company would hire them to manage your IT externally rather than hiring somebody in-house.

They help corporations leverage technology effectively to better meet their goals. Depending on the provider, they might also specialize in overseeing technology for specific industries. 

Your support team may offer cybersecurity or IT consulting services. These can guide your firm when undergoing significant organizational or technological changes. Examples of such changes include cloud migrations or server consolidation projects. You can also get support managing your enterprise’s infrastructure, hardware, and software. For example, they can maintain your business's computer networks, including routers, switches, firewalls, and wireless access points. 

The benefits of hiring IT support

You can transform your operations when your company has a well-equipped IT support system. You can experience the following:

  • Better business resilience, with the ability to adapt to current events.
  • Fast reliable resolutions so you don't lose track of accomplishing your critical work.
  • Increased cost predictability and ROI because you'll spend less on unnecessary tech expenses and offload infrastructure costs to a third party.
  • More motivated and effective employees who have fewer barriers affecting their day-to-day work.
  • Enhanced data protection, thanks to a proactive cybersecurity approach that works to mitigate risk in advance.
  • Increased innovation since you can leverage your provider's expansive expertise and knowledge about the latest industry trends and best practices.
  • Quicker disaster recovery due to your provider's data backup solutions.

Key factors for choosing a provider

Sounds exciting, right? But you also might be thinking..." Choosing the right IT team feels so daunting! I don't know how to get started." The process indeed requires extensive work since your IT infrastructure's success is at stake. We want to help you make the decision more manageable. Below, we've curated the key factors you should consider in the process:

Your current internal IT landscape

Your first step should be assessing your corporation’s requirements for IT support. To accomplish this, you must evaluate your IT infrastructure, including your physical devices and digital software assets. From this, you can:

  • Better pinpoint your business's weak spots and which areas you want to improve,
  • Determine your IT support budget,
  • Create a list of the services you want from your IT enterprise.

During the selection process, you're going to need to ask a lot of questions to drill down your criteria on topics such as:

Provider communication

What is the provider's typical response time? What is their availability? What is their communication style, and how do they communicate with clients? Which channels do they use? What is their process for a help desk or customer support? How fast do they typically resolve issues?

Provider Location

Depending on the nature of your business, would you prefer a local company rooted in your community that can quickly provide on-site support if necessary?

Credentials and Expertise

Is the IT corporation an industry leader? Do they have extensive experience with clients similar to your size and needs? Can you verify their qualifications? What is their reputation in the industry? Do they have partnerships with world-class technology companies? 

Cybersecurity Approach

What are their practices around data protection? Do they have disaster recovery and backup protocols that align with industry standards and best practices?

Customized Solutions

Do they offer one-size-fits-all approaches, or do they tailor their services? Do they take the time to get to know you? Do they operate flexibly, with the capacity to scale as you grow or change? Can they accommodate new IT needs and projects?

Pricing and Contracts

What is the provider's pricing structure and breakdown? Do they have any hidden fees or extra charges? What are their contract terms and termination policies?

Long-term Vision

Does the team focus on both tactical AND strategic IT support? Do they also do big-picture thinking, or are they more comfortable solving immediate IT problems themselves?

Elevate Your Business with the Right IT Support

By taking the time to consider key factors such as credentials, communication style, cybersecurity, and more, your organization can ensure they partner with a third-party IT enterprise that adapts to your specific requirements. And as a result, when you have the proper support, your organization will massively elevate its operations and productivity.

At Bulletproof Infotech, we believe your business's technology should help drive your success and not serve as another obstacle. When you partner with us, you'll gain access to our high-quality IT support services, from network infrastructure management and professional IT consulting to cybersecurity and cloud services.
Our experienced team will simplify your work life so that you can propel your enterprise forward.

Contact us today to build the reliable foundation you need to thrive.

Sep 04, 2023

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