What to Do When Everything Crashes: Planning Disaster Recovery

An exhausted young woman lying on top of office supplies after they didn't Business Disaster Recovery plan ready when they needed it.
What to Do When Everything Crashes: Planning Disaster Recovery by Bulletproof IT

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes. They can range from natural events like thunderstorms and floods to more man-made calamities like arson or hazardous material spills. Technology disruptions for even a few hours can mean severe financial consequences for any business. While these disasters are not predictable, your disaster recovery plan should be.

Goal Setting

There are several goals you will want to achieve through your business disaster recovery plan or DRP. Think about the ways you would like to handle risk reduction, resuming operations in emergency situations, and addressing investor concerns. Consider the type of maintenance required to keep your DRP current and effective as well as industry compliance. Take the time to assess all of these factors before developing your plan.

Plan Making

Now that you know what you want your DRP to do, it’s time to put the measures in place to ensure that it can achieve those goals. Prioritize your threats by likelihood and proceed to address them one by one. When unforeseen catastrophes happen, make sure that your IT team knows which business operations need to be restored first. Taking inventory is another key step in an effective DRP. Whenever software or hardware is updated, so too should your plan.

Team Building

A group of office workers managing IT clients and talking about It services in Alberta.
Team Building by Bulletproof IT

When planning out disaster recovery, don’t forget your people. Disasters won’t only affect your technology, but also the people using it. Ensure that you are taking your employees, partners, and clients into consideration. Remember that your team is the most invaluable resource that you have to bounce back from a disaster. Everyone, including your IT specialists, has an important part to play in these scenarios.

With all of this knowledge, it’s not surprising that having an effectively maintained disaster recovery plan is key to recovering lost data and getting your business back into business. For guidance in building a DRP for your company, contact your technology professionals at Bulletproof Infotech today!

Jan 10, 2019

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