April 8, 2021

The Beginner's Guide to Managed IT: Managed Services and Solutions for Your Business, Explained

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic means that businesses are relying on their IT infrastructure more than ever before. If your IT system goes down in 2021, it could prevent your entire organization from getting any work done.
GET STARTEDManaged ITIf you want to make sure your IT systems are always up and running, you need managed IT services. Not only can these kinds of services make sure you're operating at peak efficiency, but they can also keep you safe from the latest cyber threats.

Are you interested in learning more? This article tells you about a few of the benefits managed IT services can offer your business.

Managed IT Services Bring IT Expertise

One of the great things about working with managed IT services is that they have decades of collective experience in dealing with IT issues. A good IT professional has dealt with so many computer and network issues over the years that they almost develop a "sixth sense" in diagnosing them.

In the world of business, time is money, and you can't afford to waste time while your IT systems are not functioning properly. Most businesses are now completely reliant on their IT system - if your IT system isn't working, then neither is anyone at your company.

With managed IT services, you can simply make a call, and the majority of your computer issues will be solved within minutes. You might have someone on your staff who "know about computers," but their skills will never compare to IT professionals who live and breathe IT problem solving five days a week.

They Talk to Vendors

Another great benefit to managed IT solutions is that they can talk to hardware and software vendors on your behalf. If you've ever had to deal with vendors on behalf of your company, you've likely ended up in a back-and-forth email chain that goes nowhere.

IT managed support professionals have the technical knowledge necessary to get things moving with a single email. This is because they know the necessary language to communicate what they need the first time.

This means that your company has one point of contact for dealing with vendors. This will make your emails a lot more productive as, over time, you'll build up a rapport with the company.

This makes it a lot easier to contact vendors if you're not technically minded. Many vendors are a lot easier to work with when you can communicate with them using more technical language, and managed IT support can do this on your behalf.

Data Compliance Support

If you work with certain kinds of data, there are laws and regulations that absolutely need to be followed. Failure to do so could result in fines or legal action against your company.

Also, if your company gets a reputation for being careless with data, you might lose customers.

Unfortunately, staying in compliance with these regulations isn't always easy if you're not technically minded. This is where IT support services come in. IT support can help set up your IT infrastructure, so you're always in compliance with these laws.

Proactive Monitoring

Managed IT services offer so much more than just fixing problems. They also engage in proactive monitoring of your IT system. This means that they can find and fix problems before they develop into something serious.

This is great for your company because it can dramatically reduce the amount of downtime you'll experience. In the modern world of business, technical issues can easily grind your company to a halt.

With managed IT services, you can rest assured that most of these problems will be discovered and fixed before they can do any damage.

Data Backup

These days, so much of your companies crucial data is digital. System failure could lead to massive irretrievable data loss. This could potentially have a devastating impact on your company.

Thankfully, there are backup solutions available that can make this level of loss almost impossible. A managed IT services company can set you up with a robust data backup system that will prevent your company from losing key data.

Managed IT solutions can even make data backup an automatic process. This is a great solution because many data loss incidents come down to user error. For example, manually backing up data on an external hard drive is bad practice because people will often forget to do it.
With an IT services company, you can rest assured that all of your data is stored safely. This means that your company will be effectively immune to malware such as ransomware.
If a computer is affected by malware, you can simply roll the computer back to a recent backup and then carry on like nothing happened. Without backups, a ransomware attack could be devastating, but the impact is negligible with the right backup system.

Anti-Malware Measures

For any company that relies on computers, malware is a huge risk. Dealing with malware could potentially lead your computers inoperable, prevent you from connecting to the internet or cause data loss.

This could cost your company a lot of money, so preventing malware should be a priority. Thankfully, managed IT services can take care of most of the anti-malware heavy lifting.

They can install antivirus and firewall software on your company machines to makes sure you're well protected against all the latest cyber threats. Managed IT services also stay informed about the latest cybersecurity developments.

This means they can take measures to protect and educate your organization against the latest malware and security threats.

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