How To Embrace New Technology Trends with IT Services in 2024 and Beyond 

The "new year, new me" mindset doesn't just have to apply to your personal life. The first few months of the year are also the perfect time for recalibrating your business to meet your organizational goals more effectively.  

So, where should you get started? Most importantly, in a landscape teeming with rapid technological advancements, your New Year realignment should focus specifically on strengthening your IT infrastructure. That way, you can adapt to these changes well, and build your capacity to maintain productivity, optimize resources, and remain competitive in the long-term.  

To achieve that, you need to know what you’re facing and understand how technology will shape your work life in 2024 and beyond. And you’ll need the skills and resources to incorporate the changes successfully into your IT strategy. Below, we will explore the most important new technology trends you must pay attention to and how an IT services team can facilitate your adaptation to them. 

Emerging Technology Trends You Need to Watch 

You can position yourself for success by proactively taking the time to understand how the latest technologies will be relevant to your distinct operations. So, let's discuss some of the new trends that may impact your organization in 2024: 

Artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence became a rising star in 2023, thanks to the advancements in generative AI and the sharp increase in popularity of apps like ChatGPT. Considering experts predict AI could impact the global economy by $15.7 trillion by 2030, it's evident that this technology isn't just a passing trend but a staple in our daily operations. 

In 2024, businesses should expect more regulation around artificial intelligence, with more requirements for addressing risk, protecting consumer rights, and transparently demonstrating accountability in how businesses deploy AI technologies.  

We will also see our everyday tools increasingly incorporating AI into their features: think Microsoft Copilot or Grok, Twitter's AI chatbot. Meanwhile, organizations will also experiment with what AI can achieve for tackling more large-scale social problems, like making more accurate diagnoses in healthcare, or improving wildlife conservation

Blockchain technology 

Enthusiasts have raved about this technology’s promise to provide a decentralized and transparent ledger system for keeping transaction records. Unfortunately, cryptocurrency, the most prominent example, experienced significant reputational damage last year. In the first quarter of 2023, hackers stole over $400 million in crypto. Sam Bankman-Fried, the previous "King of Crypto" was arrested and convicted of fraud and money laundering

But blockchain technology in general isn't going anywhere. Even major financial institutions like Citigroup and JPMorgan have started adopting the technology into their operations. In 2024, we will see organizations in various industries beyond finance adopting the technology for different use cases to enhance security and efficiency, like in supply chain management, identity verification, smart contracts, or even data sharing in healthcare. 

IoT (Internet of Things) 

With experts projecting Internet of Things (IoT) devices and services to generate $5.5-$12.6 trillion in value by 2030, businesses will spend 2024 increasingly integrating these smart connected technologies into their operations to keep up.  

At this point, most tools can become IoT devices, from security systems and shipping container sensors to POS or HVAC systems. With that ability to monitor and collect data in real-time in various areas of their operations, businesses will significantly elevate their productivity from gaining a more comprehensive understanding of their performance. 

Unfortunately, these productivity machines that increase our connectivity also expand an organization's risk. In one report, 33% of respondents said external hackers most frequently targeted corporate IoT devices in their attacks. In response, this year more businesses will prioritize IoT security to mitigate these threats. 


2024 will see more widespread 5G deployment, as telecommunications companies hone the wireless technology’s performance to empower lower latency, increased network capacity, and quicker connectivity.  Not only will 5G be able to help you collaborate and connect more efficiently, but it will also increase the effectiveness of the other technologies you use. For example, 5G will enable more advancements in AI computing and expanding your network of IoT devices. 

The result? Massively boosted productivity for businesses! In fact, experts predict that by 2035, 5g will provide the necessary support to raise the estimated annual GDP of just Western Canada alone to $34 billion. 

The Challenges in Adopting New Technologies 

Navigating the complex transitions involved with adopting modern technologies can be incredibly challenging for organizations. First off, it takes considerable resources to stay current on technological changes and adapt operations to reflect evolving IT standards. 

Beyond that, these innovative technologies require businesses to use, collect, and store significant volumes of data - leading to the risk of privacy violations. While businesses work to incorporate these tools into their operations, they must face the intricate project of ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. 

Additionally, adding new products to your IT infrastructure widens your potential weaknesses for cybercriminals to exploit, making data breaches and other malicious attacks more likely and your sensitive data and intellectual property becomes more vulnerable. And unfortunately, even when knowing the relevant cybersecurity best practices to safeguard your business, organizations may struggle if they lack the right resources and expertise to execute them. 

The Role of IT Services in Harnessing Technology 

Finding the right strategic IT partner can help organizations integrate new digital solutions seamlessly into their operations.  

When you hire a managed IT services provider (MSP), their expert team will offer guidance for making informed decisions that align your procurement with organizational goals.  You will outsource your IT management, allowing you to redirect your focus to your business goals. Your organization can also access a wide range of IT skills without needing to spend significant resources on internal IT personnel. That access can also be flexible and scale up or down as your operations fluctuate.  

A managed IT services provider also has the time to address your cybersecurity proactively. They often provide 24/7 support and monitoring to address issues promptly and minimize disruptions to your performance. Additionally, their advanced solutions are equipped to match the complex threats arising from the use of innovative technology. 

How do you find the best partner for your needs? Read our tips for choosing the right IT provider

Build a Future-Ready Business with Bulletproof IT 

Businesses across all industries must embrace new technology trends to meet customer expectations. However, they require a proactive approach to capitalize on these opportunities. Luckily, you can experience a smoother transition by working with an IT provider. 

When you partner with our team at Bulletproof IT in Calgary or Red Deer for our robust IT services, we can provide the necessary expertise and guidance to integrate these emerging trends and tools. Our experts will collaborate with you to build a customized IT infrastructure that drives success. 

Contact us to discuss how you can experience a more connected and intelligent business environment with our support. 

Feb 06, 2024

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