May 13, 2020

5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs To Migrate To Microsoft 365


5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs To Migrate To Microsoft 365

If you're interested in getting a better hold on your growing small or medium business, we'd recommend giving Microsoft 365 a try.Microsoft 365 MigrationThere are a variety of reasons why businesses are starting to transition to cloud computing software such as Microsoft 365, including reducing IT expenses, increasing team productivity, added security, and gaining access to the most recent tools and software.

We're here to assist you if you're interested to hear about the many benefits of an Microsoft 365 migration. Read on to see just how this platform can upgrade your small or medium-sized business.

1. No Limits On Where You Can Work

Microsoft 365 migrationOne benefit that excites many businesses is the ability to have your staff work remotely from all around the planet due to it's cloud-based nature. Your team can get to documents from the cloud, meaning that staff can find their files or emails from anywhere on of the globe whenever they need.

With remote working getting increasingly normal, the utilization of Microsoft 365 means everyone can work in the manner in which they are best, regardless of whether they're in or out of the workplace. Utilize trusted business programming including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Exchange from any device whenever, regardless of whether it's a computer, laptop, or a mobile phone.

Reap instant access to creating, editing, and sharing files, making collaborating with colleagues super simple.

Cloud-Based Software 

As the software is cloud-based, it means migrating to Microsoft 365 will lessen costs, challenges, and risks for small and medium-sized businesses. No longer will you have to worry about losing important files on a broken device – everything is saved in the cloud.

Benefit from instant access to making, altering, and sharing files, making collaborating up with team members incredibly easy.

As the product is cloud-based, it means moving to Microsoft 365 will decrease cost, difficulties, and risks for small and medium-sized businesses. You won't need to stress over losing vital data on a broken device – everything is saved in the cloud.

2. The Top of Reliability and Security

Microsoft 365 migrationIf all your organization's information is transferred into cloud, you may be thinking about whether it's adequately protected. Numerous small and medium organizations are especially reluctant in starting the migration to Microsoft 365 as it means moving their data away from their storage.

However, as the information is put into the cloud, IT managers can, without any trouble, control and modify the privacy settings of Microsoft 365 applications. This mean that the data can only be accessed by the people that need it and preventing anyone else from entering.

Also, you won't need to worry about data loss as the cloud is frequently updated with copies in the case of an accident or breach.

24/7 Tech Support

Microsoft 365 allows your company to be secure, and aids you while you manage and protect your businesses tech, data, and finances.

You can be free of worry with it's easy to use management tools, and, in a pinch, has 24/7 tech support over the phone to help you should you run into problems.

3. Enjoy The Latest Tools and Devices

Microsoft 365 migrationThere are several helpful features of Microsoft 365 that are especially useful for small to medium-sized businesses.

Microsoft 365 is consistently updated with the most recent tech advancements and is filled with all kinds of beneficial tools and apps that you can't find anywhere else.

A favorite of many businesses is OneDrive. With this, you and your team are able to share files across you staff and other clients with simple easy to follow access. You can even move files from your local devices into OneDrive that can be accessed from anywhere with the same cloud server that was mentioned before.

Incredible Collaboration Technology 

Microsoft has also acquired the use of Skype and now offers the latest version, Skype for Business. This new version gives businesses the ability to communicate internally with your teams and externally with any of you clients. It uses real-time messaging as well as secure video conferencing capabilities.

You can access Skype for Business virtually anything whether it's your desktop, mobile phone, or in the Outlook web interface, making it an incredibly flexible tool.

They have also included a tool named Teams, that primarily is used for internal communication. The users can link up with their colleagues for projects, and other staff can create groups, share files, and also can get together through calling, chat windows, and video conferencing.

4. Great Tools for a Great Price

Microsoft 365 benefitsAnother reason small/medium businesses try out and do an Microsoft 365 migration is because of it's affordable and workable billing process.

This particular model allows a lot of customizable options like increasing or decreasing the amount of users they need manually. Since the billing isn't based on any projects, you can change it up to fill your needs as needed.

Great Pricing for Your Benefit

Considering Microsoft 365 isn't asking for a heavy investment upfront, you can easily squeeze this into your monthly budget. Since the software is at cheaper than the alternatives, you can invest the money you're saving into adequate storage options for all your emails, files, and general data. You'll be happy to hear that you won't have to worry about clearing out your emails for space as you're given an incredible 50GB of email storage whenever you migrate over to Microsoft 365.

Overall, Microsoft 365 will reduce the total cost of ownership while enhancing your staffs productivity.

5. Simple and Safe Migration

office 365 benefitsMicrosoft offers a simple and secure migration system for business owners to keep the stress off of you.

They provide a large range of support options for businesses seeking to migrate services from a legacy environment into the Microsoft 365 cloud platform without losing any data in the process.

Mircosoft has a quality support system ready to help you through the whole migration service. You can get your entire legacy environment into the Microsoft 365 cloud system and not lose any of your data in the process.

Finally, as the migration comes to an end and your business now active on Microsoft 365, all of your users will be updated and shown the many new features at their disposal.

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