October 8, 2018

Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 vs Cisco Webex Teams

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Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 vs Cisco Webex Teams by Bulletproof IT

In this modern age of collaboration, collaborative technology is key to staying ahead of the curve. But with all of the technology out there, it can be a challenge to figure out which will work best for your business. That’s where your trusted managed IT support provider comes in. At Bulletproof Infotech, we offer a variety of devices and software to tailor to our client’s needs.

With over 20 years of experience helping out small to medium-sized businesses, we know how important it is to provide technology that will grow with our clients. For this article, we are going to discuss two of our most popular video conferencing products: Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 and Cisco Webex Teams.

Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 is a device that simplifies video conferencing. As a Microsoft partner, Lenovo’s state-of-the-art Hub utilizes Skype for Business software. Cisco Webex Teams, on the other hand, is a software that is compatible with Webex devices such as the Webex board. So while these systems are both used for cloud-based video conferencing, file sharing, and live support, they differ greatly in how they function.

Skype for Business has the capability to:

  • Allow participants to toggle between the full window and compact screen in admin view.
  • Add participants to a video session in progress.
  • Sync with other Microsoft products such as Outlook and Word.
  • Switch devices during a conference session.

Cisco Webex is able to:

  • Allow hosts to share their files or desktop.
  • Control attendees from a dashboard.
  • Utilize a whiteboard to sketch ideas.
  • Enable a “call me” feature that invites team members into the webinar.
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Colleagues working on IT services by Bulletproof IT

Lenovo vs Cisco Conclusion

While Cisco Webex doesn’t offer phone conferencing like Skype for Business, it is compatible with other phone conferencing providers. To determine which video conferencing service to choose, it is important to first layout all of the features and benefits that your team needs to be successful. Your managed IT provider can help show you how each solution will affect your workflow, giving you all the information you need to make take a stance in the Lenovo vs Cisco debate. Contact us today to get started.

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