Bulletproof Infotech Announces that Concordis Solutions a Bulletproof Infotech Company

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Concordis Solutions a Bulletproof Infotech Company by Bulletproof IT

Calgary, AB (FSCwire) - Bulletproof Infotech announced today that it has acquired a majority position in Concordis Solutions Inc. to expand the service offerings of both companies.

The investment will have Devin Chamberlain, previously President for Concordis, take on the new role of VP of Service Delivery for both companies. Barb Plicka, previously Director of Corporate Relations for Concordis, will become VP of Partner Relations for both companies.

Both companies remain committed to servicing their existing clients and partners, but each now has additional information technology solutions that will further improve clients’ efficiencies.

“We are very excited about this new partnership with Concordis Solutions and look forward to providing our clients with a larger portfolio of services. The opportunity to bring collaboration solutions such as video and web conferencing, Cisco product line and unified communications to our clients will provide value in streamlining their internal operations,” said Bulletproof Infotech’s CEO Andrew Lozier, a 25-year veteran of the Canadian information technology industry.

Devin Chamberlain, an original founder in Concordis said, “This partnership is a great start to 2018 for Concordis. Bulletproof has a long-standing history of providing exceptional service in information technology. We look forward to continuing our support of existing clientele and partners, as well as expanding into new opportunities.”

About Bulletproof Infotech

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Concordis Solutions by Bulletproof IT

Bulletproof Infotech is a Calgary-based company with a 30-year history in providing IT solutions. Its fixed-fee managed IT services focused on small and mid-sized companies has allowed Bulletproof Infotech to achieve double-digit growth rates over the last decade.

About Concordis Solutions

Concordis Solutions is a Calgary-based company founded in 2012 in response to an inherent need for a Cisco-certified business. Its focus on Cisco networks and unified communications has allowed it to build partnerships throughout Canada, across numerous sectors.

For more information please contact Andrew Lozier, CEO of Bulletproof Infotech, at andrew.lozier@bulletproofIT.ca or 1.800.842.9452

April 16, 2018

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