August 1, 2018

Cisco Collaborations | What is Cisco Jabber?

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Cisco Collaborations by Bulletproof IT

Cisco Jabber is one of the most widely used business communications applications in the world, boasting over 50 million users. Through this application, partners, staff, and contractors can collaborate across any device. Cisco Jabber facilitates direct access to presence, instant messaging, voice messaging, video, desktop sharing, and conferencing. Giving your business the tools it needs to expedite effective communication. In March of this year, Cisco upgraded their already invaluable application. Here are some of the main features new to Cisco Jabber 12.0

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

As innovation grows so does your business. This means more lines of communication. Cisco has responded and created the Jabber multiline. This handy feature provides up to eight extensions within the Jabber client. These can include video calls and can even mid-call tasks like hold and call forward.

Jabber on the Go

In many businesses, travel time is wasted time. A lack of access to instant messages makes those long drives seem futile since you’ll need to spend some time catching up as soon as you reach your destination. Cisco Jabber has the solution: Android Auto. Through this interface, you will be able to listen to instant messages and reply with voice-to-text. This improvement ensures that you are safe while still remaining connected.

Older man talking on his phone in the car to his IT clients in Alberta.
Jabber on the go by Bulletproof IT

Bot to the Future

Probably the most innovative change is the introduction of Jabber bots. This feature can create bots for the sole purpose of aiding employees, effectively increasing productivity. For example, they can book meetings, auto-send and receive messages, or even make calls. In other words, think of Jabber bots as everyone’s personal assistant.

While this is in no way an exhaustive list of all the features that make Cisco Jabber unique, it does help to illustrate the intuitive nature of this application. If you’re ready to have your organization join the 50 million Cisco Jabber users, contact your IT consulting experts at Bulletproof today!

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