Cisco Collaborations: What is Webex Teams?

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Cisco Collaborations: What is Webex Teams? by Bulletproof IT

Cisco Webex and Spark have coupled to create Webex Teams, the most intuitive collaborative software for the workplace. Gone are the days where every employee works in the office alongside their coworkers. In this day and age, the workplace is anywhere you can get a WiFi connection. While employees are spreading out further physically, it becomes even more important to implement systems wherein they remain connected to the rest of the workforce. That’s where Webex Teams and a Bulletproof IT technical support consultant come in.

Webex Teams

Webex Teams has brought the personality of the boardroom to the world wide web. Easy-to-use and touch-based, the app creates an intuitive space to conduct business meetings. From calls to whiteboard use, you have all the software you need to have an effective session. Webex Team's high-quality tools brings this software to life. A 4K camera and a 12-microphone array produce high-resolution images and clear, modulated voices so that nothing important will be missed.

Secure Group Messaging

Everyone knows that meetings on their own aren’t enough to sustain effective teamwork. That’s why Webex Teams offers cloud messaging. Through this, teams can remain in constant contact throughout the duration of any project. Waiting on emails can often halt efforts rather than propel it. Instant feedback will curb this.

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Secure Group Messaging by Bulletproof IT

Accessible Storage

The usefulness of the board and group messaging applications are then amplified with intuitive storage. Everything created on the Webex Board is associated with a virtual room that is accessible by cloud. In addition to this, group messaging is also available here. Teams can have all of their relevant information stored in one area, whether it came about from a video meeting or a text conversation. Furthermore, searching through all of this stored information is a breeze, making it easy for team members to find exactly what they need, precisely when they need it, from anywhere in the world.

To sum up, These three components make Webex Teams unique from any other collaborative product on the market today. As a managed services provider, Bulletproof IT can help set your team up with this incredible product. Contact us today at 1-800-842-9452, or click here to get started!

July 1, 2018

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