Bulletproof Security Awareness: Deploying Your Workforce Remotely

Bulletproof Offering quality remote security to small businesses in Red Deer.

Become a Secure and Trained Remote Business

Coronavirus has forced many businesses to leave their offices and transfer themselves into a remote atmosphere right in their homes. While it was a necessary action, many businesses struggle with the new environment in terms of security and policy.

This guide was created to both ease the minds of employees thrust into a new environment as well as limit security risks imposed by working from home.

Get Secure in Your Home Office

Our goal with this guide was to create a simple and direct set of steps to help guide your employees, and, in turn, your business. Remote work can be made more complicated than necessary, so we opted to create a streamlined base for you to build up with your own unique additions. While it is recommended to personalize your list, pay attention to how much extra "bloat" you're adding. Adding a dozen more small aspects and rules may overshadow many of the crucial security steps that could open your business to danger.

For Businesses – Become Secure From Home

Creating a dialogue with your employees is vital to keep everyone on the same page. With this guide, you'll be able to send a plan to all your employees. It's meant to be attached to a companywide newsletter to help answer some questions. You'll have a collection of tips and resources in the hands of your employees which will create secure remote workspaces.

Want More Information?

If you have a question about what Bulletproof can do to help you with remote security, call us at 1.800.842.9452 or send an email to info@bulletproofit.ca and we'll get back to you!

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