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We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the BulletproofIT netSHIELD network support program! netSHIELD Plus is an all-inclusive Information Technology support program designed to ensure that you never have to decide whether a problem is serious enough to call in the specialists. 

Just go ahead and contact us with any issue that is getting in your way!

4 Critical Things

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Read the 4 Critical Things You Need To Know.

Getting Technical Support

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On netSHIELD, you are urged never to suffer with unresolved technical issues.

The Bulletproof Agent

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One of our key support tools is the Bulletproof Agent.

4 Critical Things You Need To Know

This is the Quick Start Guide! If you’d like more information about each of the points above, please read on. If that will do for now, then thank you for choosing Bulletproof InfoTech, and we look forward to working with you!
A note about CommandPost: If you do not see this program installed, give us a call at 1.800.842.9452 and we’ll take care of that for you.


The Bulletproof Agent is our passive support tool that allows remote screen sharing (with your permission), and does not interfere in any other way with the operation of your PC.


When you are ready to go home for the day, please do not shut down your computer. Instead, perform a restart, but leave it powered on and logged off (Expect your machine to reboot every night – see detail #3).


If you need technical support, please do one of the following depending on Urgency: *If you need to speak to someone right away during business hours, call our office (Toll Free: 800-842-9452).
Run the CommandPost program via the shortcut on your desktop. CommandPost contains several self-service features, learning opportunities, and enables you to add extra detail to your service request with just a few clicks of the mouse.
You may also launch a support request via email to Help@BulletproofIT.ca. Please do not email technicians directly to start a support call as doing so could actually delay your service.


If you have an Emergency after hours or on the weekend (Before 7am or after 5pm Mountain time), please PHONE 800-842-9452, and press ‘1’ when prompted for Emergency. If you email your problem in, we won’t see it until next business day and that will cause a delay in service.

Getting Technical Support

On netSHIELD, you are urged never to suffer with unresolved technical issues. If you have a problem with your PC, please email or call us! It is in our best interests that you are working as efficiently as possible with your computer.

When you have a computer, printer, or network related issue, there are three ways to contact us:

If installed, launch the Bulletproof CommandPost program from the shortcut on your desktop or in the Start Menu and open a new support request. This application also displays some useful information that can help when working with one of our support professionals.
Phone our office – Red Deer: 403-340-1011 / Calgary 403-206-2233 / Toll Free: 800-842-9452
You can always Email a description of your problem (screenshots welcome!) to help@bulletproofIT.ca!

Pro Tip: You can right-click on the Bulletproof Agent icon by your clock and click on “Email a support request to Bulletproof” – it also has our ph# for quick reference. It is a Blue Shield with a White “B” in your system tray (Windows) or Status Bar @ top of screen (Mac).
Expect to answer questions like:
“What is your name and the company you are calling from?”
“What is your machine name?”
• Don’t worry if you don’t know it, we can help you find it. We can then “remote” into your computer and help
solve your problem firsthand.
“How many people is this issue affecting?”
“How long has this been a problem? – or – When did this problem start happening?”
• These two questions will help us determine Priority and Impact of the problem
“Is there a time this needs to be completed by?”
• This usually ties into Severity and Impact – for instance, if you know a Program or License is expiring by June 2nd, we need to fix it BEFORE then
“Can you reproduce the error?”
• If you can reproduce the problem, that will greatly help us troubleshoot and research the problem.
Phoning is best for emergencies, since it allows you the greatest opportunity to communicate the urgency. And speaking of emergencies, if you are having a problem after-hours, please call the number above and the automated system will prompt you to press ‘1’ for Emergency.

If you do, you will be patched directly through to our on-call service team member. 

Be aware that there may be times when you need to leave a voicemail – the Technician may be driving or in a spot where he can’t answer the phone for some reason. 

PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE – the technician is required to call you back within a certain period of time.

One More Thing...

There is one more thing we need to point out about getting technical support. 
Please do not email support requests directly to technicians.
As IT Professionals, we recognize that email is a very important communications method. Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of emails we all receive on a daily basis, we simply can’t promise that we will be able to react quickly to an email in our Inbox. If you are already working on something directly with a service team member, then email is a ne way to keep that going. But please place all new service requests using one of the three methods above.

I’ve submitted a request or phoned it in, now what?

Tickets emailed to Help@Bulletproofit.ca get automatically generated in our system with YOUR name attached to it. Our Dispatcher sees new Tickets in the system and does her best to assess Impact and Priority. At that point, she will assign it to one of the Technicians to start working on the issue.
You may not get a phone call or email right away if there are things we can do ahead of time, like researching solutions or reviewing our documentation and previous ticket history (looking for trends). Sometimes, “tickets” can be resolved without contact with you at all, but that doesn’t mean you won’t know about it BECAUSE – when a ticket is generated, YOU get an email notification. You ALSO get an email notification when we update the notes and complete the work – along with a Survey.
The Survey is one Question:
Just click the Face that reflects your experience. There is a text field for you to express your thoughts. 

All feedback is shared with ALL technicians and is reviewed weekly.

The Bulletproof Agent

One of our key support tools is the Bulletproof Agent. You’ll see the Agent if you look on your screen right around where the clock is (in some cases you may need to click the tiny arrow first to expose more icons). 

The Bulletproof Agent is a small piece of software that looks like a Blue Satellite Dish. It runs on every PC in your organization that allows us to: 
Provide over the shoulder remote support by sharing your screen with a Bulletproof service team member (requiring your approval of course)
Perform automatic nightly computer maintenance that will help ensure your computer runs smoothly
Monitor your computer for impending hardware failures, crashes, and ‘blue screens’
 It also provides Bulletproof with vital statistics like your hardware conguration, free drive space, installed applications, etc.
Deploy changes en masse – like program updates (Java, Acrobat, etc)
The Bulletproof Agent is a passive software program. It only performs tasks on your PC that we instruct it to. It runs continuously in the background and does not interfere with system performance or any other installed software. It is merely a tool that we use to help us support you quickly and efficiently.
Regarding nightly maintenance – if you aren’t already doing this – we highly recommend that when you are done working for the day, please log off or restart your PC, but leave it running. We recognize that laptops can be a challenge in this regard. Our suggestion is that the laptop is periodically left running on AC power over night to receive the recommended maintenance and updates – make sure it doesn’t go to sleep! (Of course, if you would like help conguring the power settings, just let us know).

Why do I need to leave my Computer on but logged off?

Despite being a security risk (if you don’t lock your screen), your computer needs to be refreshed once in a while. Rebooting a computer frees up the “locked up” areas of memory that some Programs don’t release when you close them.
Bulletproof has some automation in place to keep your machine updated and happy, especially in regards to Security Patching. Overnight, our system will push software updates (Adobe Acrobat, Java, Windows Updates, etc) to your system. 

Patches can happen on any night because we like to keep you as current as possible. That being said, Expect that your machine will reboot every morning (@ 3am). If you have any unsaved documents, you will lose that information. Keeping Security patches updated will help prevent getting nasty viruses and Cryptowall attacks.

Why Not Work With An IT Company Who Actually Understands?

Your complete Bulletproof Team consists of the Admin Team, Sniper Team, SWAT Team, Account Manager, and Worry Remover.
Our Admin Team can help you with Billing or Invoicing inquiries. Currently, if all our technicians are on the phone, you may end up speaking to someone on this team. They will do their best to take down the information about your technical problem and create a Service Request – but they are non-technical and can’t really help with those types of Inquiries. Our Dispatcher is also on this team. This is the person that makes sure every service request is assigned to a Technical resource as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our dispatcher works very closely with the technical Teams to ensure continuity and ticket flow. (Dispatcher can be reached by hitting “1” when you phone us)
The Sniper Team is our first response team. Their goal is to try and help resolve issues as quickly and as conveniently as possible. Our purpose is to save you time and make every effort to help you out and get you back to work. The way to contact the Sniper Team is covered in the section above. If your technical issue can’t be resolved quickly, requires a site visit, or deeper consulting time, the Sniper Team may need to escalate the issue to the SWAT Team. The Sniper Team is housed in the Red Deer office, but any of our phone numbers will reach them (hit ‘2’ for New Service Request)
The SWAT Team exists in each of our offices (Red Deer and Calgary). The SWAT Team is able to perform site visits, implement project work, make larger network changes as necessary, and provide deeper consulting on issues to try and get to either a root cause or business solution. They fix whatever we can’t repair remotely by our Sniper Team.
The Account Manager is a Senior Team member that is responsible for making sure you are happy. This person assists you with consulting, special projects, account management, and administration, a little bit of sales – and making sure that your organization has what it needs to work effectively with us.
The Sales Team can help you with the headaches of ordering of product and nding exactly the right thing you need. Whether it be Toner, Computer, Monitors, Printers, or almost any type of device you require – we can probably source it for you. Give them a call and see how we can be your one stop shop.
We all look forward to meeting and working with you as we move forward together. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this email, please contact us! Thank you for choosing Bulletproof InfoTech!

The Bulletproof IT Support Team
Bulletproof IT
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